Environmentalist Policies Threaten over 100 Million with Starvation



Policies inspired by “global warming” have put over 100 MILLION people in danger of starvation. Riots have broken out in Egypt, Cameroon, Haiti, Burkina Faso, Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Bangladesh. The only country stepping in to help feed the world? The United States of America. Evil, selfish, greedy America.”

(Who the hell did you think it would be?)


Good job environmentalists! I applaud you for making people starve for the sake of reducing atmospheric carbon dioxide by a fraction of a fraction of a percent!

Bravo, ya pompous, self-righteous halfwits, bravo! Let’s give Al Gore another NOBEL PEACE PRIZE!!!

Idea: Let’s start giving him one Nobel Peace Prize for every 10 million people that die as a direct result of the policies he’s shoved down the world’s throat.


One Response

  1. better yet, lets light al gore on fire and see if the carbon we produce melts the ice caps.

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